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The new pioneering intelligent braking system from Brembo that optimizes the best of two worlds: Driving pleasure and total safety.

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Sense The Future

Driving Pleasure

When we have the confidence in ourselves, in our equipment and in technology, there is nothing to hold us back. In other words, when we feel in full control and safe, we are ready to be more daring and express our full potential. This is what SENSIFY will deliver!

SENSIFY will allow you to extend your feelings, move beyond your limits and be inspired by a totally new experience.

By introducing SENSIFY, Brembo is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with a braking system, opening up entirely new opportunities for drivers to improve their experience on the road and customize the braking response to their driving style.

SENSIFY gives drivers the peace of mind they are looking for.

Total safety

Brembo created SENSIFY with the intention to build an intelligent platform being able to improve driving pleasure for the customers and giving them the opportunity to tailor the response of the braking system thanks to a unique and innovative architecture.

SENSIFY takes you from a system that for decades has applied the same braking pressure on all four wheels at the same time to one that independently can manage the braking forces on each wheel, accordingly to driver needs, vehicle dynamics, road conditions.

SENSIFY offers the best braking combination any time.
This is what we call giving to all our customers the total safety they are looking for.


The name SENSIFY is the merge of two words: SENSE, that is the ability by which a human perceives an external stimulus, signal, message and SIMPLIFY which means simplicity in installing at best the product in harmony with the vehicle.


With SENSIFY the braking system is no longer simply a sum of parts but an ecosystem, where artificial intelligence and software play an active role.
Data collection is leveraged to improve the driver experience and allow the system to be constantly updated.

SENSIFY combines the current Brembo product portfolio of calipers, discs and friction materials with digital technology and artificial intelligence to create a flexible and revolutionary platform that includes software, predictive algorithms and data management to control the brake system digitally.


SENSIFY is a more sustainable braking solution. Thanks to the optimized braking action on each wheel combined with the absence of drag between pads and discs, emissions are minimized. The environment will benefit from the removal of fluids and reduced parts count.


SENSIFY provides great flexibility for our OEM partners, that can simplify the integration into the vehicle, giving designers new opportunities and freedom for inspirations.

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Driving pleasure, total safety, freedom for design.
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